Grateful for the Last 15 Years, and Work Together to Win the Future
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       In 2016 December 20th-21st, we all get together to Guo Yuan Lang Yi Hotel to celebrate the “ 15th Anniversary of Thankful International Poultry Industry Development Forum”. The weather was not as good as we expected, however, everything is enthusiastic and passion about our 15th Anniversary Forum.

Because of the heavy smog recently, many of our customers have to reschedule their flights or transfer to train to get to the meeting. However, we are glad that everything arrived successfully and there’s no empty seat in the hall. We all felt the strong attraction of Weierli Group, and it makes us a strong family, ties the manufacture and retailers all together.

The main purpose of this summit is to bring the industry wisdom resources together, spread the successful experience, build high-end exchange platform, share the forefront of industry ideas, interpretation of advanced business model, and power the industry development.

The invited guests of this event are Hebei Province Animal Health Products Association Zhao Yanling, China Agricultural University College of Veterinary Medicine Professor Qiao Jian, Chinese Ministry of Agriculture lecturer lecturer Zhao Zhenyu, National Veterinary Drug Eesearch and development experts Luya Yi teacher, the national veterinary drugs Engineering Technology Research Center R & D Zhou Degang. Director of the National Animal Health Products Engineering Technology Research Center, Sun Yalei, Deputy director of the third generation of veterinary medicine leader professor Shi Wanyu, Hebei Agricultural University Professor Wu Guojiang, Northeast Agricultural University Professor Song Mingxin, Senior human resource management consultant Chen Xiaoshuang, Sichuan Yuqiang Science and Technology Co., Ltd. R & D person in charge Su Zhetong, Agricultural Marketing Industry brand planning experts Zhao Guofeng, Pakistani customers Mr. Ali, and many other senior people attended.

 A variety  of media and magazines such as "China Poultry", "China Poultry Industry Guide", "Chinese Culture Network", "Purcell Media", "Daily Animal Husbandry and Veterinary", "Scale Pig Farm", "Veterinary Drug Market Guide" participate in the event.

 First of all, Hebei Province, Animal Health Products Association Zhao Yanling, Chairman of the General Assembly gives the speech.

Zhao's speech is very inspiring and gives us a clearer understanding of the industry, and points us the future direction of the development of our direction and road.

 Then, President of Weierli Group, Guo Yonghong, delivers a speech entitled "The Unchanged Heart with the Change of Time".

Weierli Group was founded in 2001, in a small townhouse less than 50 square meters, stormy ups and downs, and for the past few years Weierli Group has acquired the reorganization of Wanda, Pude, investment and newly build Quntai and Nuobo company, set up Muke animal husbandry. As for now, we have four production bases, six brands operating at the same time, and many new projects at home and abroad that we are working on.

 President Guo said that the recent popular sentence in friends circle is “The longest love is to accompanyWeierli’s clients are all showing us their "truth confession" as they accompany us all the time and it’s really touching!

 Guo said that the highest realm of life wise is kind, the highest state of cultivation is good heart! It is those simply rules of life that push him going forward to be nice and kind. If Weierli Group is a ship, then he is the captain. if Weierli Group is the home, then he is the parents. As the captain himself must be responsible for the person on board the ship, that is also to say, as the parent at home he must be responsible for the children at home. And also to responsible for the partners.

 Keep the heart unchanged with the time being is Guo’s economic model of running the company, this has always being his oath. He believes that for the second 15 years, the third 15 years, Weierli Group will explore a more advanced business model, so that more people would benefit from it. 

President Guo's speech strongly inspired everyone, and everybody at the conference felt a lofty ideals with a team of true feelings, return to the true, and pursuit of excellence. 

Right after then, Weierli Group released of the mascot "Vic" and Tory”

In order to further encourage the company's outstanding strategic partner, Weierli Group launched

 the dream partner program, Weierli Group President Assistant Wang Lifang, introduced the detail and officially launched the program.

Weierli's successful development is inseparable from the wise leaders foresight and strategizing, but also inseparable from the staff down to earth hard work. Weierli Group Mid-China sales manager Chen Jiankang delivered the speech as an outstanding employee representative. He mentioned he came to Weierli since graduating in 2004 and has been around for nearly 13 years, from a ignorant young boy to now with annual sales of more than 3 million sales veterans, served as sales manager 

On the development road of Weierli, it’s unseparated by the business partners and the truth accompany of our customers, it’s like rhinoceros and rhinoceros birds, harmonious symbiosis, win-win cooperation. 

General manager of Gong Xutao from Shandong and Mr. Sun Kai from Shanxi Kaide Animal Husbandry delivered speeches respectively as outstanding representatives of the clients. Their true and moving words conveyed the trust and recognition of Weierli Group. 

Containing the revolution to build a win-win concept. Weierli Group has always maintained a "heart of gratitude" with the partners to share the fruits of victory, followed by an excellent strategic partner award ceremony and outstanding staff awards ceremony, a total of 52 partners, and 50 employees honored.

Later, Lu
An the Executive Vice President of Weierli Group Research Institute, and Su Zhetong, the leader of Sichuan Yukiang R & D signed the cooperation agreement on the development of new veterinary drugs. They accelerated the development of new veterinary drugs and provided the brand-new high-competitive products.Next, Weierli Group Vice President, the charge of Weierli Research Institute Wang Huibin Wang led his team to share the "Institute and IPD product introduction process” in the conference. 

As a physical enterprise, the product is the fundamental, the product is the life of the enterprise. Since the establishment of the Weierli Group, the product research and development has always been the top priority of the development. The institute has set up three types of new veterinary drugs, various patents. Especially since 2014 Weierli proposed a single product strategy, the development of a star product followed one after another. 

It’s the strong R & D strength and market argument support the Weierli Group. A good company must have high-quality character and products. Professional conduct is a responsibility and heavy commitment. Weierli has always been fighting for the quality and fighting for our common dream! 

Weierli Group, high quality manufatured. Professor and doctoral tutor of Animal University Hospital of China Agricultural University Qiao Jian, gave a lecture on how to prevent poultry diseases and how to prevent and control pneumonia-bronchial obstruction syndrome

In the afternoon, Hebei Province, President of the Association of Animal Health Zhao Yanling analyzed the “Choice are More Important Than Effort Under the Change within the Industry" .

In this era of change, under the general trend guidance of the national industry policy, choose who we dance with is the deterring factor of out future height, choose who will determine the breadth of decides our development. Zhao's height of thoughts is a mean factor of his different ideas, the pattern determines his different mental aura. Zhaos explanation help everyone’s understanding in this industry. I believe under the national good policy our dreams will come true with all the hard working needed.

National Ministry of Agriculture lecturer Zhao Zhenyu talked about the interpretation of the development trend of the industry", based on six aspects from the role of veterinary medicine industry, the current status of China's veterinary drug industry, veterinary drug industry, the main problems, the main objectives of the next five years, how to take the main measures,  to the domestic veterinary drug industry trends analysis to interpret the industry trends and changes.

The Department of veterinary medicine in Hebei Agricultural University, the third generation of veterinary medicine Shi Wanyu talked about the current problems faced by the aquaculture industry, the difference between Chinese and Western (Veterinary) medicine, the reasons  of chemical resistance fast emergence, veterinary medicine helps with healthy aquaculture four aspects, to clear our doubts.

Wealth of active, wisdom promise! In today's mass start-ups, how peoples stand out in the innovation wave of the community? In response to this problem, agriculture and animal husbandry industry brand marketing planning expert Zhao Goofeng talked about the "new business era of distributors and aquaculture enterprise innovation and operation of wisdom”. Zhao opened insightful opinions. These practical marketing strategies provide a great reference value for everyone after the specific work. 

Weierli Group, Precision manufacturing.

Weierli Group adhere to make the best medicine, with the most sincere service, escort for the aquaculture industry.

 Along the way, from ordinary to the remarkable, from extraordinary to excellence, every step forward, are Weierli people’s result of hard work, every progress is inseparable from the full support of partners. 

When the wave of the times surging, I believe Weierli will become the era of beach-goers! 

With the light of the future, I believe Wereili will be the leader! 

On the 21st evening, "Let the dream illuminate the future" Weierli Group 15th anniversary Grateful Dinner once again let us witness the Weierli team execution, brand influence, inspiration and corporate culture penetration.

The forum started with passionate dance "Drum Rhyme Weierli", sonorous and powerful "Weierli Song", everyone felt the unique passionate "Arabian Nights", modern dance "MARACA", passionate dance “Rising Sun of the prairie , The 15th Anniversary Speech Contest winner showed us the fluorescent sign language dance "Thankful Heart", the famous comedian Zhang Jie gave a imitation show, and famous acrobats brought the "Space Walk" and so many other wonderful programs.

Accompanied by a "Cheers for Friendship", dinner close to the end with the three draws. Gathering time is always too short, the joy of is always memorable, Weierli wishes everyone in with new journey in the future, and good luck! Today, the 15th birthday of Weierli Group is bound to be a happy day, customers and employed invited today celebrate Weierli Birthday all together.  Everyone enjoyed the day. 

On the 22nd, Weierli, Wanda, Pude, Muke held a meeting on customer feedback, experts and professors of the industry analysis and explain the product program, there were games of hitting the golden eggs, exciting auctions, awards and other activities.

On 23rd, Weierli Group’s outstanding strategic partners went to Hainan on the 5-day tour. At this point, "15th Anniversary of Thankful International Poultry Industry Development Forum," ended perfectly, we have gone through a fifteen years with Weierli, let us look forward to another 15-year with more excitement and brilliant!





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